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Lifting Weights to Lose Fat

Lifting weights to lose fat is the most productive, efficient, and safe way to get rid of those last pounds and get the body you want! I was working in fitness for ten years before I found a very specialized form of strength training that is 100% based on evidence and science. In fact, I've found this method to be so successful for my clients, myself, and my family, my mission is to spread the word to everyone about what we do. Let's talk about why lifting weights is so effective for burning fat!

Lifting Weights to Lose Fat

First off the bat, let's discuss why lifting weights is most effective to lose fat. Imagine muscle mass as the fuel to a furnace that is your metabolism, we need fuel to get that fire going. You know when people say “my metabolism has slowed down from when I was young”? Of course, it's one of the most common reasons for gaining fat over time.

This is wild! - from the young age of just 27 years old, every year after we will generally lose a whole half pound of muscle every year of our lives. THAT is absolutely the culprit for our metabolism slowing down over time.

FACT – We burn a full extra 37.5 calories per day if we add just ONE POUND of muscle mass to our body! So imagine we were to add 10 pounds of muscle to our body in one year!! That would mean that we burned an extra 375 calories every day simply at your new increased resting metabolism. That new higher metabolism is better than running three miles EVERY DAY. And that is all with only 20 minutes, twice a week.


Lifting Weights to Lose Fat: My Obstacle

The first obstacle in lifting weights to lose fat, I experienced this about four years ago: When I first started working as a fitness trainer with The Perfect Workout I gained a LOT of muscle mass and very fast, because of the evidence based approached I found myself with more muscle mass than I have ever had.

My obstacle: I started eating more, and my fat loss stopped. I wasn't paying attention to my own body. My metabolism speeded up so much that I would naturally get hungry earlier than usual, and so I ate more without realizing it. Strength training alone can be very effective to burn off fat in the long term, but regulating nutrition or other factors of fat loss in some way or form can really add to your success! There are lots of suggestions here that may help!

Lifting Weights to Lose Fat: Cardio?

Lifting weights to lose fat is exponentially safer on your joints in the long term than running. If you google “how many runners get injured every year?” the top result is this: “nearly 8 out of every 10 runners you see at your next race have been or will be injured sometime that year.” I don't know about you, but that sounds like pretty bad odds to me, lol.

I wrote here about the misconceptions about cardio and strength training, so feel free to read more about what Dr. Doug McGuff says in his important book Body By Science.

The overwhelming moral of the story here is that strength training (weight training is a form of strength training) is the safest and most effective way to lose fat in the long term. And the safest form of strength training I ever found is with The Perfect Workout, I have been working as a trainer here for 4 years and I recommend our high intensity, slow motion strength training program to everyone. My oldest client is almost 94. My youngest client was 17.

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