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The Perfect Full Body Workout Routine

Is there a PERFECT full body workout routine? My answer will always be YES after I read the book Body by Science by Dr. Doug McGuff. The exercise workout plan detailed in Body by Science and also in Power of 10 by Adam Zickerman explains the safest but also the most effective fitness method that I've ever come across. The most recent scientific research points to strength training as the most effective form of fitness for rejuvenating the body and keeping healthy. After the next two science oriented paragraphs I'll talk about all three of my recommended workout plans!

The Science of this Perfect Exercise Workout Plan

Some important ideas are relevant here when we are examining the best full body workout routine. Based on all of the science (Body by Science, Dr. Doug McGuff, p.35 – 38) the absolute best method of improving the cardiovascular system is strength training, making it the exercise workout plan to participate in for solid results. Aerobic activity truly only engages half of the metabolic system where strength training is superior by engaging both functions of metabolism, in the cytosol and in the mitochondria. A more true definition of exercise would be the definition that Ken Hutchins defined in his ground breaking work Super Slow.

Super Slow Strength Training also produces the absolute most amount of Myokines as any other method of fitness. Myokines are proteins that send signals to the cells in organs and in the blood stream to begin a repair cycle fighting metabolic diseases, sarcopenia, increasing bone density, and even fighting cancer cells. Here's the awesome part that really makes this full body workout routine so powerful – The deeper we bring our muscles into full fatigue where we can't push any further, the more myokines are released from the muscles and create that whole body rejuvenation process. That's one major reason a strength training exercise workout plan is 100% the way to go! Super Slow Master Certified Instructor Matt Hedman (The Perfect Workout) calls strength training “the window into your body” and expert Adam Zickerman (Power of 10) called strength training “the keys to the kingdom”. They're both correct, of course, and all of the science supports it.

The Perfect Nautilus/ARX Full Body Workout Routine

The safest and most effective full body workout routine is performed on Super Slow strength training equipment, like Nautilus or ARX machines, it is literally The Perfect Workout! These state of the art machines allow each and every muscle group to get to 100% fatigue SAFELY, allowing for the most effective growth in muscle, in turn producing the largest rejuvenation effects in the body. This isn't the easiest thing in the world to do, getting the muscles to their deepest fatigue possible, in fact it's a very intense experience, so I recommend hiring a fitness instructor at The Perfect Workout to assist in proper speed, form, and breathing. This is my highest recommended exercise workout plan and what I use for ALL of my clients!

The Full Body Isometric Workout Routine

Safety is of the utmost importance, this full body workout routine also will have the maximum results if a world class internet fitness trainer is able to watch the client's form, again I do highly suggest my favorite fitness program I've ever participated in, at The Perfect Workout. This isometric workout is basically strength training without weights. It allows the muscles to grow with the same benefits. You'll be holding yourself in still positions that allow the muscles to become fatigued. Here's the thing :) - Once our muscles begin to start burning at an uncomfortable level, the client tends to stop the exercise IF we don't have a trainer to push us to our maximum capacity. It takes some advanced willpower to do these exercises on your own, I always recommend hiring a Super Slow fitness trainer but you can always get started trying these isometric exercises on your own first.

The Full Body Dumbbell Workout Routine

We can also do weight training with dumbbells but a real warning for this - Having a trainer makes this whole process so much safer. During a dumbbell workout it's always possible to accidentally drop the weights causing some sort of injury, this just adds to the risk. You can find some great success by mixing a dumbbell workout with an isometric workout as well, in fact our virtual at home internet workout with The Perfect Workout can incorporate isometrics and/or dumbbells into our routine if you would like. Fitness trainer supervised workouts are WAY more effective AND WAY safer, but don't take my word for it!

We are offering one on one internet training with The Perfect Workout now, and MANY of our clients have been taking advantage of this while staying at home and getting in the best shape of their lives!

I urge you to get started in changing your own life today with the benefits of strength training and look over the most important safety guidelines for strength training! Your energy levels and overall well being will shoot through the roof when you begin working with your muscles, you have all the science to back that up! What are you waiting for? :)


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