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20 Minute Workout

My 20 minute workout (only twice a week) is the most effective and efficient workout that I've ever utilized. And, yes! You read that right! I only work out for about 20 minutes twice a week! This is the power of high intensity strength training!

Now, there's always been people who have tried to tell me that my 20 minute workout couldn't possibly be effective with that short of a workout time, I always have ONE question for them. I ask – When is the last time you used strength training to the absolute fatigue point, meaning when was the last time you worked your muscles until they couldn't move any further? Their answer is usually , “well... never”.

How is a 20 Minute Workout Effective?

Here's what makes the 20 minute workout so effective – high intensity strength training gets every major muscle group to the absolute fatigue point in the muscles. Here's what's great about this – we don't have to spend hours in a gym for complete fatigue to be effective. THIS STUDY from pubmed . gov absolutely validates that as long as the muscles hit complete muscle fatigue (muscle success) then it can be as short as a 13 minute workout and still get ALL the same benefits as another test group who work out for an hour. A great strength training routine is the Big Five exercises, that I'll discuss in further detail here. 

I have really strong convictions about the power of strength training and the positive effects that it has on the body! All of this is based on verifiable evidence through the most recent research. A 20 minute workout is the best average time frame to push the body's muscles at 100% of maximum capacity, if we go for much longer than that we begin to perform at submaximal level. We can either work our bodies intensely of we can work for a long period of time, and since we absolutely get the same results with shorter time, why spend twice as much time?

20 Minute Workout: Rest Between Sessions

The most important aspect of the 20 minute workout is giving yourself enough time to rest between sessions. Most people see way faster results in muscle growth if they give themselves a minimum of two days rest between high intensity strength training sessions. Here's the way I like to describe this – If you climbed a mountain tomorrow it's pretty likely that you wouldn't want to do the same thing the next day. The muscles haven't been given the proper amount of time to re-grow and recuperate.

This high intensity 20 minute strength training workout really is so intense that it fatigues your muscles to the point that you might feel as though you climbed a mountain. Letting our body rest for 2 – 3 days before we do another intense workout is the way to go! We'll always see faster results in that case!

20 Minute Workout: The Perfect Workout

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Give this 20 minute workout a try!

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