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The Perfect Workout

I am so blessed and grateful to have found The Perfect Workout a few years ago! The name of the company I work for is The Perfect Workout and it TRULY lives up to the name! We base all of our methods on evidence and science, putting effectiveness and safety at the top of our priorities.

By incorporating our life changing fitness method with ALL of my clients I have seen the MOST dramatic results than I've ever seen in more than ten years in fitness. I train my family in this method, we've all lost so many inches of fat and my mom has completely reversed her osteoporosis. I used to be a chronic runner, and I had developed knee issues from years of pounding my feet against the cement, running in circles. What I discovered is by strengthening the muscles around my knees I've brought my knee pain down to almost non-existent. 

The Perfect Workout Gets Results!

Our clients at The Perfect Workout continue to see dramatic results across the board. Everything from improving bone density to decreasing the amount of medication they take to losing fat and improving the quality of life by gaining strength. One of my clients has decreased his lower back pain now so much he has gotten off all of his pain medication. Read THESE dramatic results that my client Lori has seen. I'm so proud and blessed to be a part of her progress and all of my client's progress in improving long term health and longevity.

When you schedule your consultation call be sure to tell them that I sent you, Jonathan Gentry at and your FIRST SESSION IS FREE!

The Perfect Workout in 20 Minutes!

The Perfect Workout program can benefit absolutely everyone, at any stage of fitness. It's truly the most customized program that I've ever seen, with the fastest results of anything I've ever instructed. If people want to get the full picture of the science behind the workout, if you don't mind some technical talk, I recommend reading Body by Science by Dr. Doug McGuff. But even without knowing the “WHY” behind the method, you can discover just how effective it is by scheduling your FREE introductory session. Learn our life changing fitness method with your first session free by telling them Jonathan Gentry sent you.

At The Perfect Workout just 20 minutes twice a week is more effective than daily trips to some crowded gym. We work in a clinically controlled environment which is very important in our post-covid19 world. Our client's safety is of the utmost importance. We use detailed cleaning between every client, face masks worn throughout your training, and social distancing all make our studio the safest place for one on one fitness training.

The Perfect Workout from Home with Zoom

Many of our clients at The Perfect Workout are choosing to stay at home for their workouts and use our cutting edge Zoom training. This opens up the door to anyone in the world, regardless of your location, getting these spectacular results in the comfort of your own home with one on one training sessions! You can use your cell phone or computer to connect with our trainers who are ready to guide you through the safest and most effective workout of your life!

When you schedule your consultation call be sure to tell them that I sent you, Jonathan Gentry at and your FIRST SESSION IS FREE!

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