Fitness Tips For The BEST Workout Routines

I've spent a great deal of time looking for fitness tips or the best workout routine on the internet and in books. The problem is that so much of what I have found is not even based on scientific research.

Here I want to give you all the facts for a fitness plan based on science and give you the most efficient and safe workout routines possible. I want to teach you the methods that I use for my clients to get the most out of your workouts and achieve your goals! I will be writing in my fitness blog about this workout, and I will posting links to get started with 1 one 1 fitness training or to try out my video classes that are coming soon!

Hey everyone! I'm Jonathan Gentry and I'm a fitness trainer (my nickname is J.G).  The fitness methods that I explain and teach here are EXACTLY why our clients at The Perfect Workout get such fantastic results!  Regardless of WHY you're here – to make it absolutely clear – this method is VERY effective and safe for all ages. The youngest client I've worked with was 17 being scouted for college baseball teams and my oldest client right now is 93 years young, and she is extending her life by building muscle to fight the loss of muscle mass over time. After we reach the age of 25 years old we lose an average of a half pound of muscle EVERY YEAR! The key to staying young is to add muscle to your body! Start by checking out just some of the benefits of strength training here.

A Workout Routine With Safe Fitness Tips For EVERYONE!

Whether your goal is losing weight, achieving great diet and nutrition, building muscle, or learning the best exercises to burn calories – YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!! These are the only workout routines I've found that are EFFECTIVE, SAFE FOR EVERYONE, and based on scientific evidence. They're not only safe but these fitness tips contain the most effective fitness methods that I've ever found. In fact, one of my favorite text books that teaches these methods is literally called BODY BY SCIENCE. The fitness world is changing quickly as we discover that applying the scientific method to exercise is the only logical choice. We want real results and a plan based upon evidence! Let me show you our method!

On the other pages here I'm going into depth about factors of fitness tips with weight training, how to burn calories by building muscle, weight loss tips and healthy food, and the best exercises for losing weight fast with your workout plan.

You Can Get Started at Any Level and Any Age!

No matter where you are in your workout plan, no matter what age you are, no matter how much experience you have with resistance training you can get started now to better health and fitness! The first step into better health and fitness is sometimes the hardest but there are fitness tips for everyone from every age group and walk of life, no matter your budget or your age group there is a workout routine for you here! So stick around and watch my website grow, bookmark this site and we can get started on your journey to better health and fitness with the best exercises to fit your workout plan!

My passion is fitness and life extension! And my mission is to give you the best workout routines, top fitness tips, and the best exercise workout plan to fit your needs. I'm here to help you get on the road to better health and fitness. Stick with me here and let me teach you how to fight the aging process by adding lean muscle mass to your body. THAT will kick start your metabolism in dramatic ways just like it has mine. Let's get started together! 

Jonathan Gentry
Fitness Trainer, The Perfect Workout
Clear Lake, TX

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