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10 Tips to Lose Weight

10 tips to lose weight from a specialized fitness trainer: Putting just some of these tips to good use and working them into your daily routine can help you get the most out of your weight loss!

#1: Always contact your own doctor and ask what weight loss techniques are best for you based on any medications or health issues. “Doctor knows best” is right, ask them how to proceed! Incorporating as many of these 10 tips to lose weight will be the most effective, and doing your best and staying on target.

And before you get started feel free to check out the article about the five main factors of fat loss, you will surprised at which three factors make the biggest impact on losing fat.

#2: Drink lots of water! Dr. Ellington Darden suggests that any adults on a weight loss program should drink a gallon of ice cold water every day to burn an extra 123 calories every day. I list this first because it is more easily added to our daily habits than some of these other tips, we can change this RIGHT NOW if we wish. Drinking more water will contribute to better organ health, higher immune system, healthier skin, but most of all drinking a lot of water can work as an appetite suppressant, making losing weight THAT much easier!

10 Tips to Lose Weight

#3 of the 10 tips to lose weight is to De-stress! It may sound really simple, but so many of us have this nagging stress that we carry in our body, which in turn produces hormones that keep us from losing weight. If you can beat stress then you're WAY ahead of the game. My favorite book on de-stressing is about intentionally relaxing the muscles, which is proven to lower blood pressure just like strength training does over time. The book is The Relaxation Response by Dr. Herbert Benson and I highly recommend it ALOT! Any other type of intentional relaxation is helpful, but the book goes into detail about the beneficial practice of muscular relaxation and easing bodily tension.

#4 Get enough sleep! Try to sleep 8 hours a night if at all possible, this allows our bodies to recuperate and rebuild muscle, organs, and other cells. If we aren't getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night our bodies, our minds, and our immune systems are not working at the best of our ability. In the long run this will keep us from developing muscle and in turn keep our metabolism at a slower rate.

#5 Get productive and safe exercise! Strength training has been scientifically proven to be more beneficial to the cardiovascular system than aerobic activity (which is ironically known as “cardio”). The evidence shows us that we should put a focus on strengthening our muscles, in fact, many individuals in the fitness industry (myself included) have a much more narrow definition of the word “exercise” to include safe weight training techniques exclusively, read more HERE.

10 Tips to Lose Weight

#6 of the 10 tips to lose weight is... (Don't hate me, please!) Eliminate processed sugar, or at least drastically decrease the amount of sugar in your habitual diet. This is always tough for the first couple days (if sugar has been a huge part of your diet regularly) but it gets a LOT easier after the first three days. Refined and processed sugars that you would find in cookies and cakes cause the most amount of inflammation in the body than other sugars, so I recommend cutting this out of your diet fully.

#7 Try a new nutrition program, always ask your doctor if it is right for you, a few nutrition plans have similar qualities and restrictions : Paleo, Keto, and Whole 30 are the three that I've ALWAYS had weight loss when I incorporate one of these in my plan. There is no “one size fits all” nutrition plan. Everyone is different, and what may work for me isn't necessarily best for another person. Listen to your body.

#8 Many dieticians and nutritionists will also suggest to cut calories. I've read a few of Ellington Darden's books and he suggests lowering calorie intake during a fat loss program (I really try not to use the word “diet”). For men the suggested calorie intake per day is 1,600 and for women is 1,400. This has been one of the most popular traditional ways to lose weight, simply eating less food over time really can add to all of these tips and assist for maximum results.

#9 Eat five “mini-meals” throughout the day instead of three biig meals. This technique is helpful for people on a weight loss plan who hate the feeling of getting too hungry through the day. This is another one of Elington Darden's most often used methods of weight loss and he has great results with clients. He suggests teaming up with these three tips for maximum results: 1. Eat five tiny meals daily instead of three large meals 2. Drink a gallon of ice cold water every day. 3. Cut calories of daily food intake to a minimum

#10 (Don't hate me for this one either, please?) If you drink alcohol daily, try this - Take a break from alcohol! I know alcohol can be a divisive subject, many drink alcohol and so many others don't, I'm not here to comment on the “morality” of anyone's actions (I personally drink wine sometimes), but I AM HERE to comment on the HUGE amount of empty calories in wine, beer, and liquor. For some people, changing this small habit can make a huge difference.


Combining any of these 10 tips for weight loss can be incredibly effective for you, like I have found useful for myself! Stay strong! You can reach your goals, I promise, keep up the efforts! :)

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