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Lose Weight In Two Weeks  

What's the best way to lose weight in two weeks? Combine fat loss techniques together for the best success! If you're in a big two week crunch and are willing to put in the will power it will take to buckle down and make it happen... Then let's do this! Usually I would urge clients to only start one big habit every month or every couple of weeks, but if you're pushed for time... try these weight loss techniques!

To lose weight in two weeks it will take some extra attention and work, and it may feel like a lot all at once, but if we want to make something happen bad enough we will just do what it takes to make it a reality!! Add your own helpful actions to this to get the most out of these next two weeks!

Lose Weight In Two Weeks  - #1 FIVE Factors of Fat Loss

How to lose weight in two weeks? First, take an inventory of the FIVE FACTORS of FAT LOSS (article) , and see which is most lacking on these important five factors. Can you change ALL of these starting right NOW? Eliminating stress and Sleeping well are the two most likely culprits to detracting success in regards to fat loss, often also they're the most difficult for individuals to implement.

What can we change IMMEDIATELY? We can begin to start drinking more water right now and we can constantly make the choice to drink more water through the day!

We can begin strength training and building muscle NOW for heightened metabolic response!

And we can also chose to regulate our nutrition in some specific way. Different plans like paleo, keto, or whole 30 may be useful choice, it's different from person to person. For me, what works it's just simply about subtracting bread, sugar, and/or alcohol for two weeks that would also assist to quickly lose weight in two weeks.

Keep in mind, that it is important to consult your physician before changing your nutrition plan, please be sure to ask your doctor about any conditions first!

Lose Weight In Two Weeks - #2 Intermittent Fasting

To lose the most weight in two weeks I've always used Intermittent fasting, and it has always been the quickest path to weight loss in that short two week span.

Please be sure and ask your physician before implementing anything new, specifically if you have any underlying health concerns, when working with losing weight quickly, please take the most care and consideration!

For myself I've found that intermittent fasting always works faster than cutting calories alone, but here's the kicker - it REALLY helps significantly if you're able to use fasting AND cut calories from your regular habits.


Lose Weight in Two Weeks #3 Without Fasting!

Lose weight in two weeks: What if fasting isn't possible or realistic, medical or otherwise?

While working toward fat loss, Dr. Ellington Darden suggests various methods in his large library of titles, among these all, Implementing as MANY of these as possible are his suggestions:

  • utilizing slow motion strength training once or twice a week to increase our resting resting metabolism
  • drinking LOTS of water every day (Stay SUPER-hydrated)
  • for this two weeks! - eliminate sugar and bread!
  • descending calories (eat five tiny meals instead of three large meals) tracking calories is a big suggestion of Dr. Darden (The Body Fat Breakthrough) Men calories: 1,600 daily, to 1,500 to 1,400  Women calories: 1,400 daily, to 1,300 to 1,200.
  • getting good sleep nightly... This includes finding ways to relax fully.
  • Having a support system in place for fat loss and fitness

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