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Weight Loss Tips: How to Lose Stubborn Fat

Most of us are looking for how to lose stubborn fat most effectively. These five weight loss tips will be listed IN ORDER of specific importance. These are the five most important initial considerations on how to naturally lose weight. I'll get into more specific and more advanced methods later. Once you've really implemented these we can talk about the fastest way to lose weight naturally. In the coming few weeks I will make a page for every one of these lifestyle changes to lose weight. For now, start here:

How to Lose Stubborn Fat: Weight Loss Tips #1
 Eliminate or Regulate Stress

I was so surprised to find out that stress was the number one reason that the body holds on to excess fat. I'll get into further reasons for how stress makes you fat but just know that there are solutions that may a lot easier than you'd think.

The body is in a normal state of tension and it takes focus to actually allow the muscles to relax. My number one recommendation is to spend time daily focusing on allowing the muscles to relax naturally. One of my favorite books about this topic is called "The Relaxation Response" and as I write further on how stress makes you fat I will touch on all of the techniques that I've used to help eliminate stress.

The first question I always ask my clients if they are not getting the fat loss results that they are looking for is - how has your stress been and are you having a difficult time relaxing? Often stress can also cause muscles to develop slower as well. De-stressing and relaxing the muscles in the body is the number one key how to naturally lose weight

How to Lose Stubborn Fat: Weight Loss Tips #2
Get Enough Sleep Every Night (7-8 hours)

It surprised me to find out that the second most important factor in how to lose stubborn fat is getting enough sleep. I never knew there was such a large connection between sleep and fat loss until recently, but the more I've discussed it with my clients I've been able to validate this over and over. The second question I typically ask whenever my clients aren't getting the fat loss results that they're wanting is: How have you been sleeping? 

Sleep and fat loss are connected very closely and all of these factors also effect the ability to build muscle faster. Building muscle mass is the portal to kickstarting the body's metabolism and if you're not sleeping well the body won't repair as fast and essentially won't build muscle as fast either. It's recommended to get 7-8 hours of natural sleep every night to allow the body to repair.

How to Lose Stubborn Fat: Weight Loss Tips #3
Drinking Water Helps Lose Weight

I always knew that it's helpful to drink water to lose fat but it plays a bigger role than I thought. Drinking water helps lose weight in a lot of ways, water allows your organs to work properly, to digest food well, allows your muscles faster during strength training (which is also an essential element of fat loss that I'll get to. Dr. Ellington Darden suggests that individuals drink a gallon of water a day and that may sound like a lot BUT - I agree. You may have to work yourself up to a full gallon, however, and that's fine. I give my clients a month long chart on a schedule to drink more slowly over the course of a month.

Another helpful factor to consider is to drink ice cold water to burn an extra 120 calories every day. The body has to heat up the ice cold water to process it so all of your organs are working faster during that time, it naturally speeds up the metabolism during the process. I get more into why drinking water helps lose weight right here!

How to Lose Stubborn Fat: Weight Loss Tips #4
Nutrition and Proper Eating Habits

Some people might claim that they know the best diet to lose fat, and that may very well be true for them, but understand that there isn't a "one size fits all" nutrition plan that works perfectly for everyone. I will give a ton of different weight loss tips here on pages I add soon with nutrition being a key element. As with any diet plan to lose fat, it's always important to keep some sort of balance and do what is right for your own lifestyle. 

Before I build these other pages I'll begin with three helpful fat loss tips, implementing just one or two of these will go a long way to getting started with a better nutrition plan:

1. Eliminate refined sugar or at least drastically reduce the amount you consume. Sugar contains more empty calories than anything you could be eating and this is a great start.

2. Eat natural foods whenever possible. As a guideline it's always good to think about what your grandparents may have eaten, whole natural foods with as little preservatives as possible.

3. Consider reducing your calorie count to 1,200 - 1,400 a day. Understand that this is just simply a guideline since all calories are different (a piece of cake isn't the same type of calorie as an avocado, for example).

How to Lose Stubborn Fat: Weight Loss Tips #5
Begin a "Build Muscle Lose Fat" Workout

If these five weight loss tips were in the shape of a pyramid, this one would be the base, the absolute foundation of how to lose stubborn fat and KEEP IT OFF. So many times individuals will begin a diet plan and so well for a while just to add all of the fat back very shortly after. The reason is metabolism. As we age we lose over a half pound of muscle every single year past age 26. And each pound of muscle on your body burns an extra 37.5 calories per day (Flat Abs Now, Dr. Ellington Darden). 

During the process of our whole fat loss nutrition plan (I try not to use the word diet) it's very important to begin strengthening our muscles as well, to naturally increase our metabolism and keep it up. In two months it's possible on average to add a full 3 pounds of muscle using a good "build muscle lose fat" workout. What I'm talking about here is incorporating strength training into your routine as a habit, just twice a week. To stay as safe as possible I suggest "Super Slow" strength training method using Nautilus machines. In the coming weeks I'll be making videos demonstrating how to stay safe for these exercises, but the best AND SAFEST results always come from having a fitness trainer coach you through sessions.

These five pillars are the best weight loss tips on how to lose stubborn fat. So many of my clients continue to get outstanding results by really focusing on all five of these. I've seen better fat loss results working with these pillars and Super Slow strength training than any other fitness program I've ever used to train clients. Get started today and you can make a big difference in your life, feel batter, and get the health and fitness of your dreams!!  -J.G.

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