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The " Drinking Water Lose Weight " Method

People can see so many benefits from beginning a “ drinking water lose weight ” regimen. Drinking water helps lose weight but also provides SO many more benefits to the body and its systems. Lets talk about these and I'll share with you some of my success and many of the added benefits you can expect in addition to a more rapid fat loss.

Our bodies are made up of around 65% water, and with that in mind it simply makes more sense that we can live better by increasing our water consumption. This “ drinking water lose weight ” program is easy. Increase your water intake to as close to a gallon a day as possible. The best way that drinking water helps lose weight is when you sip on water all day (not drinking it all at once) and when the water is ice cold. Your body's natural process has to use a full calorie of energy to bring 40 degree Fahrenheit water all to way up to the body's temperature. So drinking a full gallon of ice cold water every day will burn an extra 123 calories in your body.

Drinking Water as an Appetite Suppressant

Another reason that we lose weight drinking water is that water is a natural appetite suppressant. When our stomach is empty all the time we crave food but if we are slowly sipping on water through the day our appetite just naturally decreases. When our stomach is full a signal is sent to the brain that essentially tells us to stop eating. Drinking a full glass of ice cold water just 30 minutes before each meal has been validated in studies like this one to decrease body fat and body mass index.

This “ drinking water lose weight ” regimen is MOST effective when coupled with other four pillars of effective weight loss. Decreasing stress, Getting enough sleep, Having good nutrition habits, and Maintaining a safe strength training program. For every pound of muscle you have on your body you'll be burning an extra 37.5 calories more every day while resting. Personally, the greatest health benefits I've had came from applying all five of these fat loss principals. I recommend the book The Relaxation Response, it talks about how to effectively lower blood pressure simply by using relaxation techniques.

Added Benefits of Drinking Water to Lose Weight

Just as drinking water helps lose weight, it also increases energy, carries nutrients to all the organs, lubricates joints, gets rid of waste in the body, assists muscle growth, helps digest food easier, and overall simply works as the fuel that your organs need for proper function. Unfortunately so many of us spend most of our lives dehydrated, I know I did until I began focusing on getting enough water to drink. I don't get headaches all the time, I'm not constantly hungry anymore, I'm not fatigued throughout my day.

Ellington Darden PhD calls this “ drinking water lose weight ” system “Superhydration” in his book, A Flat Stomach ASAP. He mentions that in the past people were very critical of the advice that he gave his weight loss patients to drink a gallon of cold water daily, but that over time as the science continues to validate the importance of hydration, more and more resources confirm the health benefits and that drinking water helps lose weight. His only warning was for individuals who are on diuretics and kidney patients.

Just changing that one habit of drinking water to lose weight will make a big difference on your day to day life but as a professional fitness trainer I encourage everyone to engage in a safe fitness program that focuses on building muscle. So many factors go into making up the building blocks to getting a healthier lifestyle. I hope you'll join me and look over all the resources I have to offer. :)

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