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Fitness Training Tips for Your Workout Routine

No matter where you are in your journey these fitness training tips and workout routines will really help you get the absolute most out of your time during your workouts. As a trainer I've tried so many different methods with my clients over the years but none have even come close to getting the results of what I'm sharing with you here on this website.

I'm a busy professional like everyone else and I don't have the time to live in a gym, the good news is that these are the MOST EFFICIENT strength training workouts available. Don't take my word for it :) Test all of this out for yourself – you'll thank yourself later. Staying safe is the main concern here as well so everything I'll show you is for the highest efficiency and the highest safety. You can get started at any fitness level!

Your Workout Routine : Fitness Training Tips #1
Focus on Building Muscle

You know how people say, “oh my metabolism has slowed down since I've gotten older!” That's absolutely the case, in fact it's called sarcopenia, which simply means the loss of muscle mass over time. All studies show that people who don't do strength training workouts will lose a half a pound of muscle every year after the age of 25! And consider this – each ONE pound of muscle you have on your body burns a full 37.5 calories per day in its resting state.

The takeaway here is to use these fitness training tips in your own strength training workouts to reverse the effects of sarcopenia and kick that metabolism into full gear again! When we do aerobic activities all we are doing is engaging that metabolism for a short time, when we stop the activity our metabolism goes right back to where it was. Building muscle is the key to long term higher metabolism and better health!

Adding 5 pounds of muscle to your body will burn more calories every day in a resting state than jogging 2 miles every day.

Your Workout Routine : Fitness Training Tips #2
Make Fitness Safety a Priority

My biggest gripe with gyms is that they don't teach clients to stay safe while exercising. You would be SO surprised just how many of my clients had trainers previously at gyms who actually injured them. I work for a one on one fitness training studio called The Perfect Workout! Our focus is keeping clients safe and educating them about how to maintain safety through these immensely effective workouts. On further pages here I'm going to teach you a lot of these same safe fitness training tips but remember that it's difficult to self evaluate proper safety, that's why all of my clients are supervised during one on one workouts for every step in their workout routine. My strongest advice for peak safety and effectiveness is to work with a personal trainer at The Perfect Workout.

There are many factors to include for safety during your strength training workouts but these are the three most important:

  1. Keep good “form” - when we push something heavy like weights during strength training we tend to 'throw our neck into it' or put other muscle groups into it : this is different for every exercise and I will get into that deeper on other pages.
  2. Breathe – this may seem simple but it's not always that simple. Those reminders to breathe properly are so important if you are prone to holding your breath.
  3. GO SLOW – this is the most important of all of these for maximum safety. Slower repetitions are not just safer but eliminating momentum will also be so much more effective.

My mission is to empower you with tools to get started on your workout plan today, keep in mind that it's SO much easier to use these safe fitness training techniques if you are being guided by a fitness trainer who is certified in Super Slow strength training. Even I have a fellow trainer guide me through the workout when I use Nautilus machines in the fitness studio. 

There are a lot of different methods that are similar in practice and I want to outline how to perform all of different exercises while staying safe. As I build on to this page I'll be showing you the best workout routines for you to do at home and the most effective exercise workout plan while working with a personal trainer. So many individuals are staying at home these days after Covid-19 and The Perfect Workout has a one on one fitness training solution for all of your exercise needs. We are committed to safe cleaning procedures, social distancing, and wearing masks in studio. The Perfect Workout also offers stay-at-home one on one training over the internet with professional fitness instructors who are committed to YOUR SAFETY!

Your Workout Routine : Fitness Training Tips #3 -
Do Strength Training To Full Muscle Fatigue

What is full muscle fatigue? This is the point where our muscles are fully exhausted and can't push any further. In the original Super Slow manual by Ken Hutchins this full fatigue was expressed as “muscle failure” because it's literally the point where our muscles fail to move further. But the truth is – that point is SUCCESS. So at the fitness studio we call this what it truly is –  muscle success. Verbiage is important so if our true goal is simply to reach full muscle fatigue (which it is) let's call a spade a spade – MUSCLE SUCCESS.

Dig deeper into these strength training principles and guidelines HERE!

This full muscle fatigue isn't an easy point to get to in your own workouts BUT it is what will take your improvement to the next level. In fact, in all the years I used strength training in my workout routine I never saw actual results until I started working my muscles to complete fatigue.  I always get to full muscle fatigue success with a trainer guiding me, that's why I HIGHLY recommend having a Super Slow fitness trainer. The last repetition should only be able to move the weights a fraction of an inch. When we get this deep into muscle fatigue we flip a switch in our muscles that initiates the building process.

Adding muscle to our bodies is SO important, strength training is THE most important gift that we could give our bodies for extending our lives. There are so many health benefits to strength training, just a few of them listed here! -JG (Jonathan Gentry)

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