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Shed Belly Fat Fast

Shed belly fat fast by following some easy steps, keeping in mind the evidence based on the science of how our bodies work!  

 #1: Make some changes in how often you eat and how much you eat! Here's a very good list of ten tips you can use to start losing more fat NOW. In my article there I suggest possibly instead of 3 meals a day to eat 5 small mini meals, and to cut calorie intake by a little.

I also suggest another possibility of losing weight weight fast by using intermittent fasting. I've always found that this is the fastest method of weight loss that I've personally used and the health benefits of intermittent fasting are huge!

Shed Belly Fat Fast

 #2 Shed belly fat fast: Participate in strength training! There are a lot of ways that you can strengthen your muscles, and a lot of my website here is about how to keep yourself safe while doing strength training. Strength training has even been called "the fountain of youth", and considering all of the benefits, I agree. 

I have a starters guide to isometric exercises here on my website with a lot of the fundamentals for safety. I am putting together some video classes that I'll publish here soon also. 

The safest way that we can utilize strength training is by hiring a one on one fitness trainer that can specifically watch your form and assure safety while learning all of the applicable techniques. I work for The Perfect Workout and STRONGLY recommend signing up for their at home OR in studio one on one fitness training HERE. I've seen clients make progress twice as fast working with me at The Perfect Workout than any other method I've taught in the past. 

#3 Shed bell fat fast: Keep in mind HOW we lose fat also! 

Strength training for the entire body is important because we cannot localize areas of fat loss.

A good way for me to explain this principle differently is to say this: WHERE we gain and hold our fat is a genetic factor, so we all have one area where we want to lose more fat than others.

Keep in mind that adding muscle ANYWHERE in the body will increase our resting metabolism significantly higher than before. For every one pound of muscle we add to our bodies we burn another 37.5 calories daily.

Since it doesn't matter WHERE we add the muscle, we simply want to work the major muscle groups in the body at least every week to full fatigue, as we add muscle and change other habits the fat will slowly melt off. If we focus on the whole body, we will just see faster results. 

Shed Belly Fat Fast

#4 Shed belly fat fast: STAY on target! Check with your doctor about changes, Start building muscle, stay on a healthy nutrition plan, and keep it up. 

If the nutrition program you're working with isn't to your liking try something else, since nothing is "one size fits all" in diet and nutrition, there is something out there for everyone. 

The good news is that Strength training IS for everyone of all ages and is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle! Get rid of that extra belly fat and get started! :)

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