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Exercises to Lose Leg Fat

Clients will commonly ask what are the best exercises to lose leg fat? It's a different answer than everyone expects. In truth, all of the exercises that we do allow for fat loss. Here's the important part – It is impossible to LOCALIZE areas of fat loss in the body.

What do I mean by this? Well, the places we carry the majority of our fat on our bodies tends to be mostly a genetic factor. Some individuals, when we gain weight (like myself) tend to carry all of our fat in our stomach, and everyone puts on fat first in a different place. For maximum results, we lose fat weight training by focusing on building strength in ALL of the major muscle groups in the body. Some more benefits of strength training HERE.

How We Lose Fat Weight Training

Let me get into further detail here as I continue – any exercises to lose leg fat are also going to be exercises to lose back fat and exercises to lose stomach fat, ect. Fat loss will happen first in the areas that your own body naturally allows, and everyone is uniquely different. But here's the wonderful thing about using strength training techniques –

We lose fat weight training because for every one pound of muscle we add to our body we are able to burn an extra 37.5 calories per day in a resting state. Imagine the powerful effects of having an extra 6 pounds of muscle on your own body, it's a wonderful thought. You'll be increasing your resting metabolism to burn an extra 225 calories per day just sitting still.

That's why I focus SOLELY on strength training will ALL of my clients. It is THE most powerful of the exercises to lose leg fat or exercises to lose back fat or literally anywhere in the body. I dislike the current “gym culture” that tells people to do activities that aren't based on science and evidence for success. It seems as if gyms just want everyone on treadmills like hamsters in cages for an hour every day of their lives.

The Safest and Most Effective Exercises to Lose Leg Fat

But we could be getting better results and lose fat weight training. Strength training techniques are not only exercises to lose back fat but they are exercises to lose fat EVERYWHERE in the body. 65% - 80% of runners get injured every year, so I advocate a SAFE STRENGTH TRAINING program here.

In conclusion, I am a firm believer (based on ALL the results I see in my clients AND the scientific evidence) that the best and safest way to lose fat is by embarking in strength training twice a week in the safest way possible. I want to show you how to remain safe and work toward your maximum potential. Let's get to work on your goals together, starting TODAY!!

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