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Workout Injury Prevention

Workout injury prevention is at the top of the priorities for my clients and I believe that safety should be of high importance to everyone. The workout that I found just four years ago puts safety in the highest regard, and also has the most dramatic muscle growth I've ever seen in clients. I'm going to talk about some important key points here to prevent injuries during any of your workouts. Safety first when performing any kind of strength training exercises! I have clients in their 80's and 90's doing this safe and effective workout.

Workout Injury Prevention: Form

Prevent workout injuries by keeping in good form all through the workout. This is of the most importance possible! Whenever we begin to push anything heavy we tend to have the tendency to scrunch our shoulders and throw our neck into it. Having good form means being relaxed and neutral everywhere except our target muscle groups being worked.

It's possible for advanced clients to keep perfect form without observation and instruction, though exceedingly rare, so it's always been my highest recommendation to have a fitness trainer watch for good form and instruct on proper safety for beginners. Coming from a fitness trainer, remaining in good form during strength training is something that could save your joints and connective tissue in the long term.

Workout Injury Prevention: Avoid Ballistics

Workout injury prevention: During the 80's it seemed like the aerobic craze was in full force, running was highly popular, and the fad fitness of the day was jumping around for an hour a day or so, maybe on a VCR tape. These fast ballistic movements (like jumping jacks) are similarly as dangerous for injuries as running, and the best advice would be to keep any of these ballistic movements to a minimum or don't do them at all.

A lot of clients that I work with at The Perfect Workout, because of physical limitations and previous injuries, wouldn't be able to do those dangerous ballistic programs. Thing is, those low intensity aerobic programs are way less effective than the immense benefits I see in evidence based strength training programs. I have strong recommendations towards slow motion strength training for every one of my clients, whether 20 years old or 120!

Workout Injury Prevention: Slow Repetitions  

For maximum workout injury prevention we want to utilize a very slow pace when performing these strength training exercises. This means eliminating the force of momentum on the joints and connective tissue. I prefer am 8 – 12 second slow motion cadence for the pace of one half repetition, this means, ten seconds up and ten seconds down when lifting weights. This is one of the many reasons that our slow motion strength training program is also as effective as it is safe.

Moving at a slower pace increases the intensity of the muscle engagement, in turn also increasing the extreme muscle growth we can expect. The most muscle growth always comes from the highest fatigue that we can produce in each major muscle group.


Workout Injury Prevention: Hire a Trainer

The overwhelming amount of evidence suggests that exercising clients will have significant higher results in muscle growth and fat loss if we engage in supervised exercise, and this means hiring a fitness trainer. Safety and effectiveness are the major two factors of importance for exercise and a one on one fitness trainer is highly suggested to keep in proper form and safety.

The safest form of exercise has finally been made available for anyone in the world with The Perfect Workout's newest at home strength training program, you can hire a trainer to supervise all of your exercise sessions from the comfort of your living room. This program is effective and safe for everyone of all ages, and I've seen our method change countless lives in the years I've worked with The Perfect Workout.


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