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Weight Lifting Injuries

Anyone that's had weight lifting injuries knows exactly how badly a strained or pulled muscle can feel, or the chronic pain in joints that can happen from lifting weights in an unsafe way. How can we avoid getting hurt while lifting weights? Three important factors play the biggest role in keeping you safe, and you can begin applying them immediately. Whether you're a beginner at weight training or not, you can stay absolutely safe on your joints during your workouts. Let me tell you how.

Weight Lifting Injuries: Prevention

Preventing weight lifting injuries is important, because any type of strength training should exist to increase the quality of our lives, instead of causing potential harm. Any kind of injury can cause us to set back far in our goals, so the idea is to always utilize the safest and most effective strength training techniques. When you are setting all of your own equipment settings, always pay attention to any previous injury or limitation you may have, I'll talk more about the importance of proper seat settings in the video classes I'm publishing. many times just one simple setting can be the difference between pain or safety.

Weight Lifting Injury Prevention: Slow Speed

The easiest way to avoid weight lifting injuries is to slow down your lifting pace to [gasp] ten seconds per repetition. It may sound crazy but try it and also find exactly how much more intense the workouts become when we move super slow through our weight training workouts. Many injuries will happen every year from people in gyms lifting at a pace that is too fast, which can even rip the connective tissue from the bone. You'll find, as you move at this slower weight lifting pace of ten seconds you are exponentially less likely to injure yourself.

The crazy part is, the intensity and effectiveness of your workouts also increases with the slower speed. To create even a higher intensity, while still keeping safe, try not resting between repetitions. This means, simply don't set the weights down, keeping the muscles engaged for longer. This essentially allows us to get the muscle groups closer to our goal of momentary muscle fatigue, moving the muscles until they want push further.

Avoiding weight lifting injuries is the easiest when we keep proper form and strong breathing technique. When we lift anything heavy we tend to mistakenly throw alternate muscles into it, potentially leading to injury. It does take a little bit of focus and attention but we want to always keep our shoulders relaxed and down, we want to consistently breath, and also keep our stomach muscles engaged for every exercise we utilize.

In my upcoming video program for weight training on machines, I'll go over everything you need for safety AND maximum effectiveness, covering this topic in detail.

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