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Osteoporosis Exercises and Weight Training

Osteoporosis Exercises: People always ask how to prevent osteoporosis without medication: by using weight training exercises. As a fitness trainer I've worked with a lot of clients who have reversed or stopped the loss of bone density without medication. I'm so pleased that my mom is one of my clients using osteoporosis weight training who has been able to reverse completely from osteoporosis to osteopenia and we are still making headway building bone density. She had broken so many bones in her life and this has been such a blessing. Doctors suggested she use medication that results in some very negative side effects and thankfully she decided to use osteoporosis weight training instead.

This method called “Super Slow” is a type of safe strength training that was first researched in Florida by a gentleman named Ken Hutchins. In their studies they were able to validate that it was possible to SAFELY strengthen the bones of women age 65-75. Essentially, they found the absolute most effective form of elderly strength training and fitness. This isn't JUST elderly strength training, these methods are VERY effective for any age group. Other studies have shown that even women between the ages of 18-26 increased bone density all over their body as well.

How and Why These Osteoporosis Exercises Work

These osteoporosis exercises will feel intense on the muscles because they will be stimulating the muscle groups to their full fatigue. I recommend that any time you do osteoporosis weight training that you are supervised by fitness coach who is certified in the super slow method. This is specifically to assure that you are keeping safe and doing the exercises properly. As I build this page I will continue to add pictures and videos to demonstrate what proper form looks like also.

Here are the fundamental mechanics of WHY osteoporosis weight training is able to reverse the loss of bone density over time. - There are two osteoporosis exercises that are most important in gaining bone density. Both of these have the same two things in common, they both use two joints and push against weights, creating a pressure on the bones, and momentarily bending the bone at a microscopic level. The motion of these exercises is from the leg press machine utilizing the hip and knee joints in these exercises HERE. The other is the chest press machine utilizing the shoulder and elbow joint. This pressure against the two joints sends a signal to the brain mimicking being in a state of peril. The brain then floods the whole skeletal structure with calcium. It really is astonishing how wonderfully we have been created.

As I develop further pages I will show you exactly HOW to perform these exercises SAFELY.

"Super Slow" Fitness and How to Prevent Osteoporosis

This osteoporosis exercise and weight training method I use for all of my clients. And it was developed for this purpose exactly, building bone density. The incredible thing is – throughout the course of all of these studies absolutely every person involved sustained ZERO injuries. That's incredible and it's what makes this the safest and most effective way on how to prevent osteoporosis.

 It's important to note that walking or using what feel like light weights won't be sufficient enough to see any measurable progress in building bone density. The intense osteoporosis weight training (or body weight resistance exercises)  must be frequent (once or twice a week) and it must be heavy enough weight to stimulate the microscopic bend of the bone itself during activity. What makes all of this safe is the slow pace that I will demonstrate. This really has been life changing for the clients I have worked with and it's given them so many other benefits that I'll also go into further depth about here also. For now, these are the two most important strength training and osteoporosis exercises.

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