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Best Fitness Trainers: What Makes Them Great?

Who are the best fitness trainers in the industry, why do I feel that way, and why does my opinion matter? I'm J.G. A 14 year certified fitness trainer in Clear Lake, Texas. I have a very specific method that I utilize with all of my clients, with the key three factors in mind of safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. This method is called Super Slow strength training, an evidence and science based system for every age group. I cannot recommend this workout and these training techniques any more highly than I do! That's saying a lot, since I've gotten almost my whole family involved in the workout!

Best Fitness Trainers: Effectiveness

What makes the best fitness trainer? Let's start with effectiveness. Strength training is the #1 key to the most effective workout, and we always get the best results if we get the closest we can to momentary muscular fatigue. This is the moment in strength training where the muscles have achieved their most important goal, changing the state completely from catabolic to anabolic, simply put, creating the maximum regrowth process in the muscle tissue. Most traditional routines will not get to this important point of full muscle fatigue, limiting the results of muscle growth.

A key factor in effectiveness is getting enough rest between strength training sessions. As a general rule of thumb, two to three days between Super Slow strength training sessions is best for most clients. The most important thing is to not fully fatigue the muscles on days back to back, at the very smallest minimum (to keep from injury) always skip a day before working the same muscle groups.

Best Fitness Trainers: Safety

How do the best fitness trainers deal with safety? By knowing exactly how to keep any client safe IN ADVANCE, and this actually takes a bit more education than most certification programs have to offer. If a fitness trainer has been certified in Super Slow strength training they have a wealth of more information about how to keep injuries safe than the vast majority of fitness training certification programs.

Have you ever stumbled on the exact product you wanted and loved it so much you continued telling people about it forever? THAT is how I feel about Super Slow strength training and the fitness trainers at The Perfect Workout, who is likely the company I will be working for the rest of my life! I've worked and partnered with The Perfect Workout for four years now and I've seen clients of all ages get immense benefit, even while being safe on extreme limitations or prior injuries, being a medical fitness facility we specialize in safety!

Best Fitness Trainers: Efficiency

I also think the best fitness trainers will look at the evidence and science and see it points to short and intense exercise sessions have the greatest benefit on the body. I always come back to praising the book Body by Science by Dr. Doug McGuff, and it really does give a great outline of how this efficient program can get outstanding (and better) results in a fraction of the time. I recommend just two sessions a week of 20 minutes a piece. And, it may come as no surprise to you that this goes against the oldschool fitness perspectives of the past that we have to go to the gym every day for results.

Adding muscle to our bodies really is the ultimate key (that most people are missing) to re-igniting our metabolism, to engaging our immune systems through the release of myokines, and so many more of the benefits of strength training. My takeaway from learning this fitness training method was huge, that everyone of all ages can get the best results with Super Slow strength training.

I recommend hiring the best fitness trainers in the industry at The Perfect Workout.

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